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AK-47 The Tactical Rifle That Changed The World

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Perhaps no tactical rifle is more recognizable or more duplicated than the AK-47. Designed in the 1940’s, it has since become more copied than all other assault rifles combined. What is it that made this rifle, possibly the Soviet Union’s greatest gift to the world, so endearing to so many countries?


First and foremost, like a Honda Civic, the AK-47 simply won’t die. My unit in Iraq recovered functioning AK-47’s that had been used in Vietnam! The wood may rot over time, but this rifle is almost entirely steel, and rigid steel at that. Reliability is due to its simplicity. For instance, flipping down the safety on the side also opens the ejection port, giving it a dual advantage by keeping it from firing with the safety on, but also preventing dirt from getting in the weapon. AK-47 reliability is further enhanced by solid all steel magazines. The magazines have been known to be used as tools such as hammers, but they still function.

Though the AK-47 is extremely rugged and simplistic, the accuracy has long been viewed as “good enough.” A laser rifle this is not. However, for the beginning shooter, most won’t be able to exceed the capabilities of the weapon. The beauty of the AK-47 is it is extremely easy to use, but leaves plenty of room to master.

The weapon has long been a tactical favorite of revolutionaries and rebel forces. From Vietnam to Somalia, the cheap cost of production combined with absolute reliability and simplicity of use make it ideal for inexperienced shooters. The AK-47 is so significant it’s even featured on the flag of Mozambique! The AK-47 is far and away the most recognizable and used rifle worldwide.

A point worth noting is a dead-reliable weapon like the AK-47 is only as good as the tactical gear that compliments it. At nearly 11 lbs. fully loaded, a proper sling is a must. A great sling, such as our AK/SKS sling offering, distributes the AK-47’s cumbersome weight to make it easy to carry comfortably all day long.

Speaking of carrying, unless you have a lot of hands, gear to carry AK-47 magazines will want to be one of your first purchases. 30 rounds per magazine may seem like a lot, but it will empty before you know it. Wearable pouches that attach to your chest allow you to carry multiple magazines easily, while still making them reachable when reloading quickly becomes necessary.

Though the AK-47 is an amazing weapon, it’s still a big weapon that has a big appetite for ammunition. Keep your AK-47 well fed with the best tactical gear! Here at Strike Hard Gear we provide the most rugged gear for the world’s most rugged weapons! Check us out!