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The Mosin Nagant: A Dependable and Economical Hunting Rifle

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In the final article of this series on our favorite workhorse, the Mosin Nagant, we will look at modern-day adaptation of the venerable rifle for deer hunting. Over the years many of these rifles have made their way to shooters and hunters on the military surplus market, and the Mosin Nagant has become very popular in North America as an economical deer hunting rifle.

To make the most of your hunting experience, you will probably want to get a few accessories like stripper clips and pouches, scope mounts, a recoil buttpad, cleaning kit, bayonet sheath and sling for your Mosin Nagant. Strike Hard Gear designs, manufactures and sells tactical accessories that are simple, tough, and affordable. Our unique and innovative ammunition carry solutions offer value pricing for high quality U.S. made tactical rifle gear for your AK, SKS and Mosin Nagant rifles. Here are some of the Strike Hard Gear accessories you can add to your Mosin Nagant:

  • Stripper clips help you to quickly load the ammo into your rifle without having to load one round at a time. Each zinc-plated steel clip holds five 5 rounds.After the magazine has been loaded, the stripper clip is removed and set aside for reloading.
  • Stripper clip pouches come in handy when you carry larger quantities of ammo. Strike Hard Gear’s stripper clip pouch works with your favorite MOLLE chest rig or other platform. Made of milspec materials and using top quality construction methods, this Strike Hard Gear original offering will take any beating you can give it.
  • A buttstock pouch is another ammunition-carry option for quick reloading. The snap closures on the buttstock pouch keep your ammunition secure and ready for use, and the shockcord lacing ensures a fit over your custom cheek rest or any stock option.
  • A recoil buttpad will take the sting out of those shots from your high-powered Mosin Nagant. It reduces recoil by 25 to 40 percent and mounts easily using your existing buttplate screws. It also adds an extra inch of length of pull, which is helpful as the original was designed shorter to accommodate thick Russian military winter coats.
  • Having a great scope is essential for most hunts and gun field activities, so you want a quality scope mount that is stable, sturdy and reliable. Strike Hard Gear carries both a scope mount and a short scope mount that replace the rear sight leaf without permanently altering your rifle.
  • A rugged bandolier allows you to carry up to 10 stripper clips or 5 Garand clips tucked quietly and securely in a tough water resistant pouch. Easily stow and retrieve your clips through the convenient top opening pocket that is secured by a handy and silent snap.
  • Another accessory you will want to purchase is a cleaning kit. A Mosin Nagant rifle cleaning kit consists of a muzzle protector, cleaning rod jag, cleaning brush, firing pin depth gauge w/ screwdriver tip (flat) and a canvas pouch. These are all standard items that were found in the cleaning kits of the soldiers when they were issued the rifles for war.
  • A Mosin Nagant rifle can get quite heavy. The size and weight is definitely not easy to carry along as you’re walking, so consider getting a sling for it. A sling will help you to balance the weight of the rifle along your body rather than just in your arms and shoulders.
  • Safely carry your Mosin Nagant bayonet with you in Strike Hard Gear’s exclusive bayonet sheath. The snap closure keeps your bayonet secure and the grommet at the bottom provides a lashing point to your leg or pack.

The Mosin Nagant is a great bargain and a thoroughly dependable hunting rifle. With a little effort and a few great tactical accessories from Strike Hard Gear, you can outshoot fellow hunters who’ve dropped hundreds more on their rifle. All in all, you’d be hard-pressed to find a rifle with more bang for the buck.

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