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About Us

So, here’s our story.

I love my guns, especially AKs, SKS and Mosin Nagants (AR not so much) and I love to shoot my guns. So far, so good, right?

Well, I also love to carry lots of ammo and big, BIG magazines. Don’t you? Then, the problems started.

I looked high and low, scoured the internet and asked questions in forums and at shows. But, no one made good, solid, modern battle-ready pouches for Russian stripper clips and multiple large magazines.

So, I started building my own. Don’t get any weird ideas about me and sewing machines. I bought nylon, webbing, and various pieces of hardware.

Based on the patterns scratched out on some cardboard I started sewing. The belt on Grandma’s old singer was smokin’ (geez my wife was pissed). Finally problem solved. Those pouches were AWESOME!!!

Actually, that’s when the good problem started. I’d be out and about, shooting at something somewhere and other liked-minded, 2nd Amendment supporters kept asking me about my unique gear.

Listen, at some point after enough shooters ask, you start thinking maybe you should be in business, right?

So, I started Strike Hard Gear and soon started falling behind on orders. It was time to start working with a manufacturer, but not just any mom and pop shop would do. They had to have MIL-SPEC gear NAILED and I found a great shop owned by Vets that quietly caters to the Spec-ops community.

Obviously, everything is done in the good ole U.S.A. with U.S.-made materials and the fact that they know I am heavily armed seems to keep the quality extremely high.

Today, we ship to gun owners all over the World, (seems weird sending an AK chest rig to Russia) and we also do custom work when someone asks for something a bit more personal.

You’ll notice we don’t make gear for cute little guns that fit in little black purses. Even though we think there’s nothing wrong with having a few of those on your person at all times our focus is simple, as one happy customer pointed out we build BADASS GEAR FOR YOUR BADASS GUNS.

Oh yeah, if you’re visiting from one of those big companies that keeps calling us and wanting to buy us so you can have our gear made overseas.   Step-Off! We’re doing just fine, thanks.

Todd Luebke

p.s. In case you're nervous buying our BADASS GEAR your on-line purchase is done in a secure manner via our fully PCI compliant processor. Also your personal information is never sold or shared with anyone. See our Privacy Policy for complete details.